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Terminal Tackle
(Updated February 2014)
*Other Variations Available
**Many are Hand Made and Variety of weights and sizes available Please contact us to discuss your needs as prices may vary.

Animal Hooks Eyed
(sizes 8-20)

Float Rings In A Box
(Assorted Colours)

Animal Hooks To Nylon
(sizes 8-20)

Flaot Rings And Tubes In A Box
(Assorted Colours)

Butt Cracker Weighted Clear Waggler Floats
(5 Assorted Sizes and Weights)

Cryston Heavy Metal Rig Putty
(Black or Green)

Assorted Carp Floats (5 Sizes)


Assorted Shot Pots in varying weights.

Meat and Paste Hooks
(In Sizes 12 & 14)


Band-it Pellet Bands


Bandit Short Hair Rigs
(Size 10 & 12)

Dimsmore Square Five Size Assorted Shot
(Temporarily Out Of Stock)

Silicone Float Adapters

Rubber Float Stops

Swivel Float Adapters

Night Lights
(Assorted Colours)

Metal Peg Leg Float Adapters

Horse Shoe Elastic Protectors
PVA Bags 10 Pack Large

Brown Maggot Feeders Medium

PVA Bags 10 Pack

Flat Method Feeders In-Line 
(24g Approx)
V Boilie Stops

Ledger Weights 1oz and Under
Assorted Pole Rig

Ledger Weights 1oz To 2oz
PVA Mesh Kit Narrow

Ledger Weights 2oz To 4oz
Metal Cage Feeders
(20g or 40g)

Impact Beads
Plastic Open End Feeders

Meat and Paste Hooks (2 sizes)
Green Maggot Feeders Large

Meat and Boilies Spear Hooks
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